Sparkjar has been awarded a £50k investment from Innovate UK, to integrate secure video into the Sparkjar teaching platform. Originally designed for the classroom, Sparkjar has come into it’s own over the last few weeks proving to adapt very effectively to a mix of class based and remote teaching.

Currently the system, based on 1:1 devices, connects teachers with their classes simplifying the sharing of resource for Topics and Assignments, providing interactive two way communication and feedback.

To date, schools wishing to use video conferencing in their classroom-to-remote strategies have had to use business-based applications alongside Sparkjar. However, concerns around safeguarding and classroom management have prompted schools to ask for a more tailored and robust solution.

The video integration is set to include a host of features to meet the unique demands of schools. These will include classroom management controls for teachers and safeguarding functionality.

The addition of the new teacher-friendly class video functionality will go live in Sparkjar over summer, available for all Sparkjar schools from this coming September.

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