Join Catherine Jessey, Apple Distinguished Educator and Senior Leader, for a 30 minute summary webinar on the recent White Paper 'Covid & Beyond: A bright future for schools through edtech'.

Published this summer, the paper is a practical guide for head teachers, walking through the process of forming an edtech strategy that is robust, teacher-friendly and proven to deliver high quality blended learning.

It's now clear that Covid-19 will be with us for some time and that schools will need to have robust contingency plans for extended localised lockdowns and/or the temporary isolation of individuals and their families. This reinforces the need for quality blended learning provision that is manageable for both teachers and students alike.    

Without a fit-for-purpose solution, the pressure on an already stretched teaching workforce will create a further challenge for school leaders.

As a senior leader and recognised in the EdTech 50, Catherine has worked with the team that produced the White Paper to create a simple framework that allows head teachers to get to grips with this changing environment. The objective being to equip schools and their pupils with everything they need to provide quality blended learning that is accessible to all.

Grab a coffee and join Catherine for a 30 minute summary of the paper and the opportunity to ask questions.


Webinar: 18th August