We’ve extended our free software trial for schools to a help keep lessons running in the case of school closure. Get started now.

This wasn’t a difficult decision. Here’s why…

We’re passionate about education and supporting brilliant teachers. We want to help teachers continue to deliver engaging lessons, in the event of school closure due to COVID-19 - it's important to us.

Sparkjar crosses over intuitively from classroom to a virtual or home environment. It applies the latest technology, to create the simplest most effective solution available for cross-curriculum teaching. 97% of teachers using Sparkjar would recommend it to a colleague.

In the event your school will need to close, the likelihood is, the decision will be made quickly – with little notice.

From the information we have, it looks like closures will last from 2-4 weeks. That’s not the time to start implementing technology and trying to introduce new stuff – no matter how easy it is to use.

A 30 day trial in the case of COVID-19 closures just doesn’t give schools an honest and viable solution. That’s why we’re offering 3 months free trial - full functionality included.

Here’s how we envisage you using the trial:-

We recommend that you take a look at Sparkjar via an online demo today. From that you can work out if it’s right for your school and how many year groups or key stages you’d like to start using it. Or maybe you want to introduce it school-wide. Any of these options are fine with us.

Before you commit to a trial, we’ll run through our simple set-up and roll out approach.

Once you’re happy that Sparkjar is right for your school, we’ll help you get started on the 3 month trial right away. Then, if the school closes without notice, your teachers and students will be prepared for operating remote classes without fuss.

The small print:-

Offering a 3 month trial isn’t a publicity stunt for us. But we do have an ulterior motive.

We believe that it’s the best way for us to show you how good Sparkjar is and win new long term customers. By using Sparkjar as part of your COVID-19 contingency planning, you’ll see first-hand the power and ease of use that Sparkjar brings. You’ll also see that we’re here to genuinely support schools and teacher well-being. You won’t be thrown into the deep-end trying to implement a 30 day trial within 24 hours of notice of school closure.

To win new customers, we know we need early buy-in from the school SLT. So for that reason, to qualify for the 3 months free trial, we ask that either the Head Teacher or a Deputy Head attends the initial 15 minute online demonstration and supports the trial.

We really hope that you’ll take us up on this genuine offer and share the power of Sparkjar.

Book a 15 minute demonstration: hello@sparkjarapp.com or call 01273 921 233