Sparkjar saves Multi Academy Trusts time and money

Sparkjar delivers unrivalled time saving and cost saving benefits to teachers and leaders in Multi Academy Trust schools. As a MAT leader, you’ll instantly recognise the substantial benefits that a trust wide roll out of Sparkjar will deliver.

The rich feature set enables centralised oversite and the sharing of subject expert teachers across multiple schools.

  • Reducing teacher workload: Up to 3 hours per teacher per week.
  • Teachers can mark anywhere (eg: on their daily commute) - no WiFi required.
  • Rapid yet personalised voice and repetition marking tools – students love it.
  • Reducing teacher stress, reduced long term sickness rates, reduced cover costs.
  • Drastically reducing paper, printing, copying, and excercise book costs.
  • Unrivalled security and safeguarding.
  • Integrates with all leading school management systems.
  • 97% of teachers would recommend Sparkjar to a colleague!

Do the maths…

How much did your trust spend on cover teachers last year? Now ask us for a quote.

Where are you in your MAT teacher technology journey?

Early Stages

If you are in the process of deciding your digital device strategy, we have some great articles in our blog

We share our extensive research and sector experience to help MATs make the right choice for their settings.

Rolling Out

If you have already implemented, or are in the process of implementing, a one-to-one iPad device strategy across your MAT you may find the David Kirtlan series of blogs useful.


David is a former Academy Director. He became an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) in 2004 and has since supported schools worldwide, and spoken at international education conferences and events. His guest blog series aims to share his experience and insight into how to make the most of one-to-one iPads in your schools.

The key objectives that are often overlooked

A key factor in the success of any device program in your schools will always be the software and apps you use to support your core aims; delivering excellent teaching and learning, and improving student outcomes. So what are the key factors to consider as a MAT?

  1. Is the platform suitable for all age ranges across your MAT?
  2. Will it work on patchy WiFi, or even offline?
  3. Is it easy and intuitive for staff and students to use?
  4. Does it support teacher workflows?
  5. Does it provide easy access to granular data for teachers and high level data for SLT?

Pilot with qualitative and quantitative data reporting

You can test our claims by running our free, managed pilot process in a limited number of your schools. We'll even gather qualitative and quantitative data from the pilot and share it with you in the form of a report. If you would like to discuss how a pilot could work in your MAT, get in touch with our MAT Partnerships Team.