Leading the way in new generation edtech, Sparkjar has brought forward its expansion plans targeting £500,000 in investment to support the next phase of rollout. If you’d like to be a partner in Sparkjar's journey and invest in the future of education, read on.

Sparkjar has seen a 700% increase in usage and a surge in enquiries from schools since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Headteachers, anticipating an extended period of disruption, have been keen to review their options and look at how new generation remote-to-classroom edtech can help them, their staff and students, navigate the next few months successfully.

With talk of schools reopening in the near future, school leaders are preparing for a turbulent time, with the likely scenario of further localised school closures, plus significant numbers of students, families and teachers self-isolating at different times. Unless a robust system is put in place that allows for seamless remote-to-classroom learning, the impact on teachers and students is likely to be substantial. Sparkjar addresses exactly this issue.

James Carroll, entrepreneur and founder of Sparkjar said, “We’ve been blown away by the volume of enquiries. We knew Sparkjar was the natural direction of travel for technology in schools, but Covid-19 has essentially seen a fast-forward of 3-5 years in terms of schools shifting their thinking. Whereas to date we’ve been working with early adopter schools, we’re now seeing interest across the whole education sector. We’re now looking to shift up a gear to meet schools' demand and work with them through this challenging time.”

Leading the way in new generation edtech, Sparkjar’s strength is its teacher-friendly design and affordable, easy to roll out, all-in-one package.

Sparkjar is now raising £500,000 in investment to support the next phase of rollout. If you’d like to join Sparkjar on their journey to support the future of education, register for one of their investor seminars (running throughout the week 2nd May - 7th May).